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From Sign Up to Sign Down, We're Your Real Estate Team!

 Bob and Jenny Menning are Realtors on a Mission.   
That Mission is to help their Customers find the perfect home that fits their needs with as little stress as possible.  Buying or Selling a home is a big decision.  That doesn't mean it shouldn't be a fun one!  This team works very hard to make sure their Customers have a positive experience, from Sign Up to Sign Down.   No pressure added to the process – it's a stressful enough decision already! 
The only thing they don't do in the entire Buying/Selling process is pack your bags . . . well, if you ask very nicely, who knows?!  Bob and Jenny will be there to guide you as seamlessly as possible through the entire process, so you can go to the closing table and wonder where the time went! 
In their personal time, they love hanging out with their two grown daughters, Katie and Jordan, and their dog Gumbo.  The Mennings are avid travelers who love to explore new places, but they feel that the best part of traveling always seems to be coming back Home.

Let Bob and Jenny help you create that same feeling, so you LOVE to come HOME.